Building structures for warehouses, construction, production etc.

We manufacture various types of steel building structures for construction, hangar construction, warehouses, production equipment and premises. In our company you can order the production, design and installation of specific structures.


You can order and manufacture various types of steel building structures at RK Alloy. A wide range of modern processing equipment allows us to manufacture exactly the steel parts you need. The company's specialists work in a modernly equipped workshop in Salaspils. We produce and manufacture such metal parts as columns, canopies, gates, stairs, fences, fences, frames and many other metal constructions. At the request of the customer, we are ready to complete the assembly of the finished product, leaving for the object.

Steel structures are often used in construction because the metal has increased resistance to the external environment, especially if the metal is properly treated. The price of metal constructions is much lower than other construction materials, which allows you to save on construction costs of industrial buildings. The light weight of the material allows for fast assembly of metal structures, moreover, the structures are durable and safe. To perform the assembly of metal structures, it is not necessary to install an expensive foundation.

Steel structures are widely used in construction. They are most often used in the construction of industrial and civil buildings, in the construction of moving equipment, communication objects, towers, suspended ceilings, garages and so on.

If you want to order steel building structures metal constructions, please call us or fill in and send the application form in the "Contacts" section. To find out the price of the metal structure, please send an application to our e-mail with attached drawings, and our managers will calculate the exact price and contact you to discuss the terms of cooperation.