CNC cutting, welding, etc. works

"RK Alloy" offers various types of metalworking services - welding, plasma cutting, elongation, etc. We manufacture various parts, small building constructions, perform repair of metal constructions, cleaning of metal surfaces and sandblasting, repair of metal parts and constructions.


Metalworking is an important service in metal trade, construction, industrial equipment manufacturing and other industries. By manufacturing metal parts and metal constructions to the customer's order, we help to ensure the best and most accurate result. Metalworking allows customers to receive exactly the products that are maximally prepared for future operations. The best and most efficient solution is to produce exactly the metal parts with exactly the metal processing technology you need.

Not only quality and affordable prices, but also many other factors are important to many customers of metal products today. "RK Alloy" offers metalworking services and production of parts, as it tries to make cooperation as convenient and profitable as possible for all customers. Metalworking takes place in production, which greatly facilitates customers' further work, as we help our customers to produce metal blanks, structures and parts for construction and production. Our company considers that metalworking is a very important component in the production of steel parts and constructions, production equipment and machinery, furniture and other items.

We offer the production and processing of various steel parts. We manufacture reinforcement and reinforcement meshes, metal parts, perform reinforcement bending, production of metal constructions. 


We perform CNC plasma cutting, flexural cutting, saws, etc. methods. We also offer metal cleaning with sandblasting and other methods, powder painting, metal cutting, metal drilling, glazing, welding, forging. grinding, powder coating, as well as assembly of metal structures.